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Obuasi. Ghana by Razak

On a recent holiday to his parents hometown Obuasi (Ghana), my dear friend Razak (you may remember him from The Afroklectic Project) captured these amazing shots.

A few years ago I went to Obuasi to meet up with him and his family to go to Cape Coast on a day trip and there was a charm about their town. It had a really cool breeze. The air seemed different to what I had experienced in Accra which was a sauna, Kumasi which was a cooler sauna and Jamasi which was a slightly cooler sauna to Kumasi. Yet, Obuasi had cardigan weather, fog in the morning, a lot of greenery on the way there and a chilled atmosphere. The kind of atmosphere where you wouldn’t mind sitting by the road with a tampico in one hand just watching life move in the town. When I look at these images, it takes me back to those cool moments.


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